In the years since I created this business, three excuses have topped the list for why people don't want to cloth diaper. In a series of articles, I will take the time to address each of these issues for the true, cloth-diapering researcher who is still a bit skeptical.

I realize that everybody in the world will not begin cloth diapering tomorrow. We all make lifestyle choices based on the information we have available to us. My response to these comments is not meant to be deriding but rather to shed light in the darkness and show that there are two-sides to the same story.

Now lets look at the comment, "I could never cloth diaper; I couldn't deal with the whole poop factor."
You know I hear this often and I realize that the people making the statement just don't know because they don't have the same experiences that I have had. I have changed poopy diapers that were both cloth and disposable (through a church nursery). I would totally rather deal with a poopy cloth diaper than a poopy disposable diaper.

With a cloth diaper I have the ability to clean up part of the mess with the diaper itself. Disposable diapers tend to just smear it around more and make the situation worse. Cloth wipes also function much better at removing poop than thin, slimy wipes that you can barely keep a grasp on.

But you say once the poopy diaper is off, I can just throw it away. While this is true, it does not negate the issue that thrown away doesn't equal disappear. Throw away diapers are not disappearing. They will be in the landfills for centuries to come. And realize that when you are throwing a poopy diaper into the garbage you are throwing away biohazardous waste into a city landfill which may violate your local ordinance. Yes, we know that almost everybody who uses disposable diapers is adding poopy diapers to the landfill. That is a concern because the viruses and bacteria in the poopy diapers are not being treated and killed rather they are left to cause problems in the future through land and air pollution.

But really, are poopy cloth diapers that gross to deal with? No, not really. Consider that if a baby is exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months that baby's poop is completely water soluble so no extra work is done at all. Cold Rinse, Hot wash, and the diapers are ready for the Dryer or Line.

Older babies poop is solid and will generally roll right off the diaper when held over the toilet. No toilet dunking is required.

For the babies with the peanut butter consistency of poop, diaper liners and or the toilet bidet make an easy way to clean. If using flushable diaper liners, simply lift the liner up out of the diaper by the corners and flush.

If using a bidet, hold diaper by a clean corner over the toilet and spray poop down into the toilet. Diaper pail is stored near the toilet so no wringing of the diaper is needed.

Parents using cloth diapers are not up to their elbows in poop. In fact, using cloth diapers and cloth wipes may keep us a little farther away from the poop during changes.

Now when the time comes to potty train, parents will finally have to deal with their personal aversions to their own child's poop whether they are using disposable training pants or cloth training pants.