Cloth diapering is an ancient art and therefore has many old as well as newer wives tales and myths. Take a look at some current myths and be sure to email me if you come across one that I have failed to list.

Diapering Myth #1: Bulky Diapers Can Cause Bowed Legs
Bowed legs are common among babies and toddlers and are considered normal. Bowed legs at these ages are generally a normal result of prenatal fetal position. No evidence exists to link bowed legs to bulky diapers. Other causes of bowed legs include Blount's disease and Rickets.

Diapering Myth #2: It is Normal for Babies to get Diaper Rash
Diaper rash is far from normal. Diaper rash is evidence that something is wrong. Consider if your baby might be sensitive to a detergent, enzymes in your detergent or a diaper cream? Has your baby recently been on antibiotics and susceptible to a yeast infection? Is your baby in nylon pants and developing a heat rash? Please contact me if needed, diaper rash with cloth diapers is not the norm, now diaper rash with disposables... that is a whole different story.

Diapering Myth #3: Cloth Diapers need to be Toilet Dunked
Cloth diapers do not need to be toilet dunked, that is a skill from the past. Exclusively breastfed babies poop is water soluble and doesn't require any special care. Just run a cold pre-rinse in the washing machine before washing. Once stools are formed the use of flushable diaper liners or a toilet sprayer work wonders at transferring the poop to the toilet without getting elbows deep in poop.

Diapering Myth #4: Gerber Prefolds and Plastic Pants are the Norm
Most people today do not use plastic pants and few use Gerber Prefolds. If this is what will work for you-Great! Just remember there are better products available that offer excellent absorption and breathability.

Diapering Myth #5: Cloth Diapers Require Chlorine Bleach
Although some people with choose to periodically bleach their diapers, it is by far not the norm. The modern washing machine and a good detergent will clean your diapers well on an every day basis. Other people will choose to use an oxygen bleach or more natural remedies for periodic stain removal and/or sanitizing. I have never used chlorine bleached on my diapers.

Diapering Myth #6: Cloth Diapering is Complicated
Cloth diapering is easier now than ever. There are really no right or wrong ways about it. As long as baby ends up inside the diaper and the diaper is completely enclosed by the diaper cover you have mission accomplished. Pocket diapers and All-in-one diapers will make diapering as simple as using disposables.

Diapering Myth #7: Cloth Diapers Can't be Cleaned at Home
While a Laundry Service would be convenient, cloth diapers are easily cleaned in your home washing machine. Refer to the page Laundry Basics.

Diapering Myth #8: Cloth Diapers are Unsanitary
Cloth diapers are actually more sanitary than Disposable diapers. Waste from cloth diapers enters the same sewage system as waste from the toilet and is treated for in a sanitary process. However waste left in disposable diapers enters our landfills and pollutes our land for generations to come.

Diapering Myth #9: Wool Diaper Covers will be too Hot for Summer
Wool is most commonly used in sweaters and coats to keep us warm in the winter. However, many people are unaware that it is also used in high quality sporting goods such as tennis and cycling outfits for its cool, comfortable fit. Wool is actually an all-season fiber providing insulating warmth in winter and breathable coolness in summer.