The diaper pail for cloth diapering is not some magical pail that slices, dices, and turns your diapers into sausages. I actually have a nice diaper pail made by Gerry that I found at a garage sale last summer. But many caregivers have greater success using a small to medium sized kitchen garbage can. The diaper genie and other mainstream diaper pails have become more unfriendly to us, the cloth diapering heroes.

Characteristics of the Pail:
5-10 Gallon Container: Container needs to be large enough to hold one load of diapers. When the pail gets full you would wash your load. Remember you always want the water level in the washing machine to be greater than your diaper load. You do not want to stuff your washer completely with diapers.

A Lid: I suggest a diaper pail with a lid. Lid should be a nice fit. It is not required to be locking unless you choose to soak diapers in the pail (the soaking method is not recommended)

A foot-pedal lid opener: Not a mandatory option but highly recommended. (Have you seen the electronic-eye opening garbage cans? Now, those could be a luxury diaper pail!)

Diaper Pail Tips:
  1. Securing a dryer softener sheet inside your diaper pail can reduce any odors. NOTE: do not wash or dry the sheet with your diapers.
  2. Sprinkling baking soda into your pail will also help curb odors and will be slightly helpful when you wash your diapers.
  3. A Diaper Pail Liner may be helpful in getting your diapers to the laundry. Pull out the bag and tote it downstairs instead of the whole pail.
  4. No special soaking solution is suggested for diaper pails. In fact, your diaper covers and your diapers will have a longer life and turn out just as clean if you use a dry pail. Of course shaking solids into the toilet first just makes sense.

So no Magical Pail and No Secret Soaking Solutions!