Pocket Diapers are easy to use and most will fit most types of babies chubby or skinny, long or short; because they allow you to control the rise of the diaper and the waist independently.

Step-by-step photo instructions with dialogue:

Begin by adjusting the rise of the bum Genius! if needed.

Adjust rise on both sides and center.

.Place the insert into the Envelope Pocket of the BumGenius!.

Lay BumGenius flat. Place baby on back portion.

Bring diaper up between legs.

Option: for a small infant fold down top panel to allow room for the belly button.

Secure hook and loop fasteners. Tabs can overlap. Success!


Each BumGenius comes complete with 2-two BumGenius Inserts. One insert is a small newborn insert. The other is the well known BumGenius one-size insert. For overnight use with an older baby you may have success adding a hemp doubler along with your BumGenius one-size insert. One of our favorite versatile hemp doublers is the Babykicks Hemparoo Doublers.


  • To make your BumGenius completely Dad and Sitter friendly, have your BumGenius diapers snapped down to desired rise position and stuffed with preferred insert.

  • Avoid having to reset the rise each time by keeping your BumGenius snapped down in the proper rise setting even for washing. When your baby grows longer then move to the next rise setting.

  • For daycare choose one specific color for your nap diapers and stuff them with a bit of extra absorbency. This provides a more absorbent diaper for naptime while keeping cloth diapering simple for the caregiver.
  • Choose one specific color for night use. Since night diapers are overstuffed it can strain the elastics. It makes sense to harm 1 or 2 diapers verses all of your diapers.