Using prefolds with diaper covers is the most popular method of cloth diapering. Each caregiver has their own method for diapering; however, three diaper folding methods are fairly standard and allow enough variations to meet each babies needs.

The basic fold is the most versatile of diaper folds and is generally less bulky and the best choice for newborn poops. Click here to learn how...

The tri-fold is a super-easy fold. This fold can only be used with wrap style diaper covers like Bummis and Imse Vimse. Click here to learn how...

The twist fold is a super-simple fold. It is generally not as well liked as the Basic or Tri-fold. However, it is another option for use with SnappiTM and pins. Click here to learn how...

What's in a Name?

Wondering why the diaper is called a prefold if we still need to fold it? The prefold diaper is the invention of another stay-at-home mom. Originally, diapers were just huge squares of flannelette or birdseye cotton. This square would then be folded origami style into the most functional shape for a diaper. Decades ago a mother decided to create a diaper that would put the maximum absorbency into the center without creative folding techniques--thus the arrival of the prefold diaper.