Here is the standard infant prefold with a snappi fastener.

Chinese Prefold Diaper in Premium Infant Size: Diaper is just a bit bulkier than the Standard Infant Size. Used of course with a Snappi Diaper Fastener.

Swaddlebees Organic Velour Fitted Diaper: beautiful fit and luxurious softeness. As a fitted diaper it needs a cover but who really wants to cover it up?

Thirsties Duo Snap Wrap over a Kissaluvs 0: Great combination for an infant. Fit was great. These two products work great together.

Blueberry MiniDeluxe: This is a great diaper. Easy to use and fits great.

BumGenius Deluxe AIO Diaper: this diaper fits great around but is too long in rise for my little guy. They are rated for 8-16lbs but fit obviously matters. You can see the leg gap in the accompanying photo.

Flip One-Size Cover: this cover is rated for 8 lbs but maybe not for an 8lb baby with chicken legs. The cover looks nice just a bit bunchy but check other photo we tried our best not to get the legs to gap but Justin's legs are just so skinny.

Flip One-Size Cover: Notice that we are not getting a good fit around the legs. Baby's legs are just to skinny.

Flip One-Size Cover: Here is a trick that can be done with many diapers. I have heard it referred to as making bunny ears. It looks crazy but basically you are pulling the inside wings of the diaper up above the waist to make the leg holes smaller.

GroVia One-Size Diaper Shell. This AI2 diaper shell is available in aplix or snap closure however the snap closure will not fit a newborn. In the aplix closure, this diaper is a suprising fit for a newborn. I had seen it on infants before my own and it is still amazing. It is rated for fitting at 10 lbs and yet is fitting my little guy when other OS diapers do not. The fit actually looks good too. Snug around legs and waist without a lot of bunchy.

New BumGenius 4.0 snap version. Wasn't too impressed with fit. Function was fine.