No matter what age your child is. If you are looking into potty training you probably have lots of questions. We have outlined many questions below but if you have more, please send us an email at info@pinstripesandpolkadots.com

Advantages of Using Reusable Training Pants

What are the benefits to reusable potty training pants?
Reusable training pants are easy to use and reuse saving you money and bringing comfort to your child when dry and some discomfort when wet. Most reusable products used in day training will allow your child to feel wetness which some parents find helpful during potty training. Reusable training pants are environmentally friendly too helping to teach the next generation to reuse rather than throw away.

Will I really save money using a reusable potty training solution?
You can easily save money by using a reusable potty training solution. The cost savings vary depending on when you start the potty training process and how long it takes.
I am not sure if I should invest in reusable training pants. I think my child will be done potty training soon.
Worst case scenario you purchase your reusable potty training supplies and your child trains like a superstar and no longer needs them after a month. Then you can resell your supplies for the difference that it would have cost you to use a disposable product that month. Bottom line you would break even. If cloth training pants helped your child train faster, then you have the perceived savings of those months you would have been stuck still changing a disposable product.

Do I really need training pants?
No, I guess you don't need, need training pants like we need food and water. We could just allow our kiddos to run around naked...at home...but not to go shopping or to the park, etc. Training pants make the toilet learning process easier on caregiver and child. The easy up and down makes going to the potty umpteen times a day easier. The new style gives the child the encouragement he needs to keep dry. They are not needed, but for many families they are a good idea.

We have only ever used disposable diaper and I have lots of questions.

My child has always been in disposable diapers, will he react poorly to a cloth trainer?
Most children respond very well to cloth trainers. Older children find them more comfortable. Amongst the older set, the SuperUndies have a certain Super Hero appeal. Compared to a disposable pull-on diaper, reusable training pants are considered to be more comfortable and less scratchy. They are also less diaper-like and more like real underwear.

I have never used cloth diapers, could I realistically use cloth training pants?
Absolutely, I know some people assign super hero status to anybody who cloth diapers but contrary to this belief even cloth diapers are pretty easy. Cloth training pants are a breeze. We will set up specific details for you here.

Are cloth training pants going to be bulky?
It depends, day time training pants should not be bulky. However night time training pants can sometimes be as you will adjust the absorbency to meet the needs of your child. Realize though that overnight trainers shouldn't be any more bulky than a full disposable trainer come morning time. Many children find the cloth to be more comfortable than a paper/plastic alternative.

Do you have to use plastic pants over cloth trainers?
No, you would not need plastic pants over any of the modern training pants that we sell at our shop. The only exception is the Little Beetles Learner; the trainer is designed for the parent who wants only natural fabrics and is not waterproof. If waterproofing is desired with this trainer most parents choosing this trainer would select a wool soaker as a companion not plastic pants.

How many training pants would I need?
How many training pants you need does depend on your situation. Many people purchase 6 to 8 trainers. However, if you are transitioning out of diapers you may only have 2-4 and when they get soiled you would use your diapers for the rest of the day. Or if using only overnight you may only need 1 or 2 depending on how frequently you do laundry.

Can training pants be washed in the washing machine?
Yes, all of the training pants we offer at our shop can be washed in the washing machine. For complete washing instructions for potty training click here.

Choosing the Type of Training Pant

My child is only having poo accidents.
Ugh, as messy as these are the end will come. Until then plan to choose a trainer with a snap release on the sides to make clean up easier. Also you would probably really appreciate the diaper sprayer. The sprayer is used to spray poo out of diapers and trainers before washing.

My child is only having pee accidents.
Even though training is not complete, having to only deal with pee accidents is a big relief. Choosing a trainer that pulls up and pulls down at this stage moves your child into a more underwear-like trainer.

My child only needs a bedwetting solution.
You probably won't need very many training pants 1 or 2 should be plenty. Choose a trainer with the level of absorbency that you need.
If your child is a light wetter at night and accidents are small then a standard pull on trainer would work or a pocket style trainer with an absorbent insert like the Blueberry one-size bamboo insert should work well.
If your child is a heavy wetter at night then choose a trainer with absorbency like a night diaper. The Super Undies Nighttime has been designed with the older bedwetting child in mind more absorbency can be added to this trainer if needed.

My child hasn't had an accident in quite awhile but I am afraid to take him out in public without a diaper or pull up.
The waterproof underwear style trainers would meet your need for protection well. Look and feel like underwear but have a hidden waterproof barrier for your own peace of mind. Blueberry Day Time Trainers and Imse Vimse Trainers should meet this need well.

My child is a heavy wetter overnight and leaks out of his pull-up sometimes.
Choosing a cloth option puts you in charge of absorbency. I would recommend looking at the Super Undies Overnights. You may want to top off the trainer with wool or fleece pants or shorts depending on the season. Using wool or fleece as the pj bottom will act as an extra water resistant barrier and keep the wetness inside rather than on the bed or sheets. As a last resort, you could pick up a cloth mattress pad cover (most cloth diaper company's make one) that would keep your child comfortable and the bed dry.

Potty training can seem an unknown and dauntless task to parents at times. Sometimes parents feel like if they just get the right gadget or gizmo that their child will magically run to the potty and independently take care of their elimination needs. We have all heard the wonder stories of friends and family but we live in our own reality and the truth is that potty training takes dedicated parental involvement for an unknown period of time much like any skill or value we as parents want to pass along to our children. This is one of the first steps of many in raising your child to become an independent adult the next thing you know and you will be guiding them behind the scenes through their teenage years.