Pinstripes and Polkadots offers a wide variety of products to help in the potty learning process. The type of trainer you decide to use will depend on both the level of training your child is at and the path you've chosen to help your child learn to use the potty. I see a lot of parents start this process at about a year old--but most commonly, I see parents coming when their child is about 17-19 months. But don't feel bad if your kiddo is 3 and you're still not there. This is a process and each child will learn and his/her own pace! Read the descriptions of each of the types of trainers first to see which style will meet your potty training goals best. Then, narrow it down to a particular brand in that style. Realize that you may have one-style for day at home and another for going out or even overnight.

Daytime Undies
These are going to be ideal for daytime use and especially great if you're just starting this adventure. I like to think of these undies as ones that can grow as your child matures into this process. In the beginning, use these as a way to introduce going on the potty. These are undies that can be pulled up and down and in some cases, can add absorbency. If you didn't cloth diaper and don't have extra absorbency laying around, then simply fold a wash cloth in half and use that. If a pair of underwear has a snap off option, this means that if the child has a poopy accident, you can change the underwear just like a diaper (lay child down and unsnap at hips). If a pair can have absorbency added to them, those will be perfect for your first quick trip outside of the home in "big kid undes" (to catch a bigger accident) or for naptime. Then those undies can "graduate" to nighttime undies, etc. Undies that cannot have absorbency added are a great alternative to "no pants" training because they'll prevent big wet messes from happening on carpets and furniture.
**Remember, all training undies are not supposed to work like diapers and thus, truly are designed and made to catch accidents. In most cases, they won't prevent an entire leak from occurring and certainly will not catch more than one pee.
Brand Name
Absorbency material/Can I add absorbency? Sizing Good for naptime/quick trips?

Quick Opinion
Grovia MyChoice Trainer Inner hemp/cotton absorbent layer w/ pocket to add absorbency
One-snap rise setting (can grow with child) from 18-35 lbs (1T-3T)
you bet!
pull on w/ snap release option

Fits very trim, adjustable (one rise setting and adjustable snaps at waist), easy for child to pull up/down
Blueberry Daytime Cotton Undies Inner lining cotton velour w/ hidden layer of microterry and PUL/Cannot add absorbency sized s, m, l. These are 100% cotton and do tend to shrink so size "up" if child inbetween sizes
not recommended in first weeks of potty training
pull on/no snap

Perfect if just starting out. Gets child excited about potty training thanks to their cute prints. Ideal for catching small accidents
Super Undies 2.0 Pull On Undies Microfiber layer of absorbency/inside "tunnel" to easily add absorbency sized s, m, l.
Pull-on/no snap
Cute prints, vibrant colors make these a great choice. Designed to fit more like underwear. Can easily add absorbency

All-in-Two (Hybrid) Training Pants
You know your kiddo and if you fear that potty learning is going to be an uphill battle and you're going to need a lot of undies, All-in-Two trainers may be a nice option. These are especially popular among families who use prefolds and covers, diapering systems, etc. Simply stick the absorbent insert/layer (often sold separately) into the potty pant "shell" and if an accident occurs, remove undies, take out the soiled insert, put a new insert in and put the same potty pant back on again. Typically 3 inserts to 1 potty training shell is a great ratio. The other perk to using an All-in-Two system is that option of using existing inserts you may have laying around from your diapering days.
Brand Name Can I add absorbency?
How does the insert attach? Sizing Closure Quick Opinion
Best Bottom Training Pant Only if you have Best Bottom diaper inserts Snap in/snap out S, M, L
Pull on
Soft cotton outer with PUL on the inside, these will look and feel most like big kid undies. Great option especially if you used Best Bottom diapers
Flip Potty Training Pant No Velcro in/out one-size w/ adjustable rise fits 20-50 lbs
Pull-on/Snap off 100% cotton inserts are very absorbent
Super Undies Hybrid Trainer Yes
Lays in shell/stabalized by internal gusset
S,M, L
Pull-on/Snap Off
A wonderful "bridge" between using diapers and potty training. Option of using any insert or prefold as absorbency

Overnight Bedwetting Solutions

Sometime bedwetting can last long past the potty training stage. We understand that their isn't much we can do as parents in this case but we do want to protect the bed and sheets so we are not doing laundry all the time. For young toddlers overnight, they often don't mind wearing whatever cloth diaper they were wearing before potty learning began. However, older toddlers and young children can become sensitive and want something to keep them dry and comfortable that doesn't look like a diaper. If you are adding absorbency to your trainer the best choice is bamboo or hemp inserts. Bamboo is the trimmer of the two and has a high level of absorbency.

You know your child best. If most nights the child stays dry or has a "micro" accident, then any of the undies outlined above that can have absorbency added would be a great option. If your child though wets the bed night after night and it's just something that may be part of your lives for a while (most often this is either hereditary, the child is a very deep sleeper or in some cases it's hormonal) then consider the Super Undies Nighttime Undies. These are a favorite among families who have children who need a little bit of help staying dry at night.