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Rockin Green Water Quality Test Strips Buttons Cotton Flannel Wipes Cloth Wipes
Buttons Cotton Flannel Wipes
Our Price: $1.00

Cloth Wipes
Our Price: $1.50
Soft and absorbent 100% cotton flannel cloth wipes-perfect for cloth diapering or bathtime!
When you cloth diaper nothing is easier to use than cloth wipes. You wash your babies bum with clean water or wipes solution and then dump cloth into pail along with the diaper.
Rockin' Green Detergent Measuring Scoop Buncha Farmers All Natural Stain Remover Snappi Diaper Fastener - Infant Size
Stop "eye-balling" the amount of detergent you're using and start measuring for cleaner, better smelling diapers! Get rid of stubborn stains on your cloth diapers, kiddo's clothes and carpet with this all natural, effective stain remover stick! Do you want a secure diaper without the use of pins? The Snappi is what you are looking for. Easily grip the diaper at three points for a snug, secure diaper.
Emulsifying Cubes Thirsties Sandwich & Snack Bag Planet Wise Zipper Bags
Sloomb Emulsifying Cubes
Our Price: $5.50

Emulsifying Cubes that simplify lanolizing your woolie bath... no guesswork here! Save money, time and the earth with these washable, reusable snack bags
Planet Wise Zipper Bags Sloomb Solid Lanolin Boingo
Sloomb Solid Lanolin
Our Price: $7.00
Our Price: $7.59
Save money, time and the earth with these washable, reusable snack bags 100% pure USP pharmaceutical grade solid lanolin with no additives or preservatives - the best way to lanolize your woolies.
Boingo diaper fasteners are another great options for fastening cloth diapers without diaper pins!
Thirsties Stay-Dry Duo Inserts Thirsties Organic Cotton Doublers Thirsties Hemp Inserts
Thirsties Stay-Dry Duo Inserts
List Price: $8.50
Our Price: $8.20
Savings: $0.30

Thirsties Organic Cotton Doublers
List Price: $9.75
Our Price: $8.50
Savings: $1.25
Thirsties Hemp Inserts
List Price: $10.95
Our Price: $9.70
Savings: $1.25

Thirsties Stay-Dry Diaper Inserts. Use with the Thirsties Duo Cover or other diaper cover for a diaper system convenience. Each insert is part microfiber insert topped with stay-dry fleece and another part of hemp. Both sections snap together for ease in use. Give a little boost to your baby's cloth diaper with this 100% organic doubler from Thirsties A remarkably thin and absorbent hemp doubler to add to any diaper for added protection from leaks
Soak Wash Motherlove Diaper Rash & Thrush Motherlove Nipple Cream
Soak Wash
Our Price: $9.95

Motherlove Diaper Balm
Our Price: $10.95
Motherlove Nipple Cream
Our Price: $10.95

Need to soak your woolies? Bras? Other gentle laundry items? Soak rinse is your go-to!

Fig Scent = Naturally clean scent of fig and dandelions.

An all-natural salve perfect for a sore bum and for mom's sore nursing nipples. Soothe dry, cracked, sore nipples with this lanolin-free, 100% organic nipple cream
BALM Baby Diaper Balm & First Aid Ointment Balm Baby Mad Rash Thirsties Mini Wet Bag
Balm Baby Mad Rash
Our Price: $11.99

Thirsties Mini Wet Bag
List Price: $12.75
Our Price: $12.25
Savings: $0.50
An organic, vegan and all natural multi-purpose, cloth safe ointment for all skin irritations (including diaper rash), cuts, scrapes & eczema. Made with 100% aloha! A natural and organic diaper rash cream when an angry, mad rash develops due to teething, illness or food allergies.
Grovia Diaper Mighty Bubbles Laundry Treatment (formerly Grovia Rx) Thirsties Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes Grovia Zippered Wet Bag
Thirsties Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes
List Price: $13.50
Our Price: $12.95
Savings: $0.55
Grovia Zippered Wet Bag
Our Price: $12.95

A uniquely formulated laundry treatment to help remove buildup of urine and minerals from diapers and other laundry. Buttery soft and affordable, these organic cotton wipes from Thirsties will be gentle on baby's skin while cleaning up the dirtiest of skin!
The Grovia Zippered Wet Bag will hold 4-6 diapers. Perfect for breast pump parts, swim suits and all of your on-the-go things
GroVia BioLiners Motherlove Everyday Baby Balm Planet Wise Lite Wet Bag
GroVia BioLiners
Our Price: $12.95
Planet Wise Lite Wet Bag
Our Price: $13.95

GroVia BioLiners The newest in Motherlove's stellar lineup of safe, quality, and effective products!
A single-layer wet bag from Planet Wise in cute patterns to match your Best Bottom Diapers!
BALM Baby Juice Those Wipes! Grovia Swim Diaper GroVia Magic Stick-2 oz
BALM Baby Juice Those Wipes!
Our Price: $13.99

Grovia Swim Diaper
Our Price: $15.00

GroVia Magic Stick - 2 ounces
Our Price: $15.95

All-organic, all-natural, all-vegan, all-Hawaii wipes concentrate Grovia's brand new Swim Diaper is functional AND adorable! Lined in a soft terry, they'll be comfortable on baby and the fit will keep messes contained.
Keep your hands clean when applying diaper balm. Easy to use Magic Stick goes on smooth and keeps babys delicate area protected and comfortable.